SENATORI & samhoud
March 4th until June 30th
Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam Make an appointment to visit

Out of Office Forever - the exhibition

Being out-of-office: not until a year ago, a presence status associated with holiday, pleasure, happiness, and a time to make your own choices. Nowadays, it’s an imposed measure causing stress, disconnection and uncertainty for lots of people all over the world.

Entrepreneur Salem Samhoud, founder of &samhoud, and artist Senatori want to inspire people to look at life after the COVID-19 outbreak from an unusual perspective. With their exhibition ‘Out of Office Forever’ they believe they can. The exhibition takes people through confrontational situations from working life, past and present, and makes them think more deeply about their wishes, desires, and possibilities for the future.

With ‘Out of Office Forever’ Senatori and Salem Samhoud want to stimulate our minds and open up a conversation about the changing needs and behaviour of people. A conversation that must be held when we want to get a grip on our lives after COVID-19.

So, we invite you to get inspired, enjoy, think deeply and speak up: what does being out of office forever mean to you?