My name is

Selwyn Senatori

As an artist it is necessary not to conform. Unjudged and open-minded about life, I’m outside of society. But with three kids, a marriage and everyday obligations, I’m also in the middle of this.

Ambivalence is key. No yin without yang, no kiss without Smint and no Kanye without Kim.

Out Of Office Forever is just that. Literally consuming alcohol in the morning, nice but on a daily basis not realistic. On the other hand, it also means “Fuck you”, I do exactly what I want and I’ll do it my way. That feeling of victory can be achieved in many ways.

Example a): You are sitting at your desk in the office and decide to go to the bathroom. Got a cup of coffee, plugged in your airpods and watch an episode of your favorite series righ there. Bam! That’s the right feeling: Out Of Office Forever.

Example b): Get a tattoo of a toilet freshener just because you think there is a smell to this society. Why not?

Out Of Office Forever is a figure of speech, a lifestyle. Part ‘Rock’ n Roll, non-conformism, art and part fuck you!

Out Of Office Forever


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