SENATORI & samhoud


Salem Samhoud is a successful entrepreneur and founder of &samhoud, an usual unusual company that specialises in management consulting, gamification and creative technology. With &samhoud, Salem aims to inspire and connect organizations, society and individuals to achieve positive breakthroughs together. “Together we build a brighter future”, is his credo. Salem works at supervisory board- and top management level as a coach, facilitator and advisor in the field of vision, strategy, execution, leadership and culture change.

Senatori is an artist based in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, his art is globally embraced; celebrities like David Guetta, Akon and Paris Hilton are in possession of Senatori’s paintings. Senatori creates art that generates instant happiness. However, when paying more attention, a deeper layer will be revealed. Another side of the hedonist Senatori: a bon vivant with a message.